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Note.svg To-do list for Үлгі:Todo:

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  • This is just a test to-do list to help editors make sure that the text
  • shows
    1. up
    2. correctly
  • Normally, the "/to do" subpage should only be created under the article's Talk page, unless it is a notice board or project page.
  • To use this template for your own project, insert {{todo}} at the top of that article's Talk discussion page.

This template adds pages to Category:To do and to Category:To do, priority undefined.

Note: This template should not be placed on CATEGORY or CATEGORY TALK pages. The template does not work correctly on these pages. A better place to post to-do lists for categories is on WikiProject pages.

See also: Template:Todo-Named, for accessing another article's To-do list, e.g. from a WikiProject page (can be seen in action at WP:KLF). Might also work with Category Talk pages, not yet tested.