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Replacing the Cyrillic alphabet in Latin alphabet will lead to the fact that the English names of Ukrainian cities will become major in the Kazakh language.
The English language uses Ukrainian real names. Open the English version of Google Maps Yandex wego.here.com - there you will only see the Ukrainian name--[[Қатысушы:Bohdan Bondar|Bohdan Bondar]] ([[Қатысушы талқылауы:Bohdan Bondar|талқылауы]]) 20:37, 2019 ж. маусымның 13 (+06)
:We will consider this offer. One of the main problem of Kazakh is adopting of loanwords through Russian, because of this I don't know how we will adopt the word "Київ" to Kazakh. It's some variation of adopting: Киів (Kiyiv), Киіп (Kiyip), Кейіп (Keyiv), Кей (Key).-<font color="#009900">[[Қатысушы:Мұхамеджан Амангелді|<span style="font-family:Georgia;"><i>Мұхамеджан А.А.</i></span>]]</font> [[Қатысушы талқылауы:Мұхамеджан Амангелді|<span style="font-size:90%"><font color="#0000FF">(талқылау)</font></span>]] 22:52, 2019 ж. маусымның 13 (+06)

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