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Өткен сайлаулар[өңдеу]


I request SysOp access for Kazakh Wiki.

Local User Page: User:AlefZet

Other projects: ru:User:AlefZet, meta:User:AlefZet

Future tasks:

  • translation wiki interface, static language files on MediaWiki,
  • developing 'on-the-fly' automatic transliteration for Kazakh writing scripts: Cyrillic-Latin-Arabic,
  • developing 'smart' templates,
  • antivandalism response.

--AlefZet 21:34, 1 Маусым 2006 (UTC)


  1. one of the few contributors to our wiki;GaiJin 05:13, 2 Маусым 2006 (UTC)


бір апта ішінде AlefZet қолданушысы үшін 1 дауыс, қарсы 0 дауыс беріліп, AlefZet администратор ретінде сайланды. GaiJin 06:59, 9 Маусым 2006 (UTC)


I request SysOp access for Kazakh Wiki.

Local User Page: kk:User:Ice201 (click English version for more information)

I can speak at somewhere between beginner-intermediate level of Kazakh, which is my downside. But I can speak Russian, and found a Russian-Kazakh translator. My downside and only bad part about me is my language skill in the Kazakh language, which will get better and improve as I write more and more articles on Wikipedia.

What I can contribute? I am good with templates, country boxes, and categories. My main specialisation will be in geography, languages, and Icelandic local geography and political figures since that is what I know best. The goal I see is the get our Kazakh Wikipedia up there in the 10,000+ range and eventually the 100,000+ so people know our language and know we exist! Also to educate the people who are more comfortable reading in Kazakh then Russian, as I know a few.

So yes, although I am not from Kazakhstan and from Iceland, I still beleive I can be a great SysOp to the great Kazakh Wiki-community. Úlsen Rahmet!

--Ice201 13:17, 7 қазан 2006 (UTC)



  1. Думаю перед тем как получить сисопа, нужно создать с десяток статей..arruah 08:05, 8 қазан 2006 (UTC)
  2. we have enough sysops for the current level of activity GaiJin 07:06, 10 қазан 2006 (UTC)