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Мой первоначальный взнос, страницы, и детали на en.wikipedia.org(Adamrce)
My original contribution, page, and details are on en.wikipedia.org(Adamrce)

My personal activities[өңдеу]

Hmmm, there's nothing interesting here; except my dedication of linking real religions and denying funny mythologies. Believers are suppose to be following their holy books; however, I see that most don't. I continually point out to the versus that they ignore, or don't understand, to prove that these religions really are connected--forming one message from the Creator. There's absolutely NO reason for the hate, as it's all human-made cultural misunderstanding. Anyways, my research isn't strictly based on belief, as I always prove my points with reliable sources.

You can check out my Facebook page "http://www.facebook.com/AdvertAdam", and take a look at an interesting blog about my activities "http://AdvertAdam.blogspot.com".

Bless you all! Believers and non-believers.
~ AdvertAdam talk

Countries I've Visited[өңдеу]

I list these not as a boast about where I've been, but to suggest that I have fairly broad experience of the world and that this helps with my editing.

Flag of the United States.svg USA
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UK Flag of Spain.svg Spain Flag of France.svg Holland Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium
Flag of France.svg France Flag of Germany.svg Germany Flag of Italy.svg Italy Flag of Malta.svg Malta
Middle East
Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia Flag of Libya (1951–1969).svg Libya Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg UAE
Far East
Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand Flag of the Republic of China.svg Taiwan