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Hello Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino!

I am really flattered that you wrote to me! I will try to create articles, which you asked me. But it will take a little bit time!

Could you write in Italian Wikipedia or in English wikipedia about Athem of Republic Kazakhstan! en:Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan ru:Гимн Казахстана

In english wikipedia the information about athem is old version. In 2006 we changed our athem! if you can help us with this article, it will be great for us!

During this time in France Paris is going World Weightlifting Championships! and our kazakh girl won in one of category of this championship, but unfortunately there was played an old version of Kazakhstan! this is very upset us! So Wikipedia is heart of information. And in wikipedia couldn't be an old information! Thank you for attention! =)

with best regards Polat Alemdar 11:40, 2011 ж. қарашаның 8 (ALMT)

with best regards Polat Alemdar 23:51, 2011 ж. қарашаның 8 (ALMT)

Dear Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino!

I am writing you to say thanks for your fast creation of anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan! And I think you can leave it as it is but can you redirect the article for example Inno della Repubblica del Kazakistan to it:Meniñ Qazaqstanım! it will be great! Because not all people in the world are know the name of the anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan! Thank you very much =)


With best regards Polat Alemdar 23:27, 2011 ж. қарашаның 9 (ALMT)