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This is the documentation page for Үлгі:Abs.
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This template evaluates its numeric parameter and returns its absolute value. If the parameter is empty or missing, it returns an empty string. The parameter may also be a numeric expression that will be evaluated before testing its sign. Implemented with the #expr parser function.

Examples with a simple number:
{{Abs|100}} = 100
{{Abs|0.1}} = 0.1
{{Abs|0}} = 0
{{Abs|-0.1}} = 0.1
{{Abs|-100}} = 100
Examples where the parameter is evaluated:
{{Abs|01}} = 1
{{Abs|00}} = 0
{{Abs|0.}} = 0
{{Abs|0.0}} = 0
{{Abs|-0}} = -0
{{Abs|3-4}} = 1
{{Abs|-4*2}} = 8
Examples with an empty (or missing) parameter:
{{Abs|}} =
{{Abs}} =