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|subsid = [[Alienware]], [[Perot Systems|Dell Services]], [[Force10]], [[SonicWall]], [[WYSE]], [[SecureWorks]], [[KACE Networks]], [[Exanet]], [[Compellent]], [[AppAssure Software]], [[Quest Software]], [[Make Technologies]]
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|Alexa =328 (Augustтамыз 2012)<ref name="Alexa-The Web Info. Company">{{cite web|title=Dell Alexa Augustтамыз|url=|publisher=Alexa/|accessdate=10 Augustтамыз 2012}}</ref>
** [ Dell official website]
** [ Ottawa Business Journal]{{dead link|date= қаңтар 2011}}
* ''[[BBC News]]'', Augustтамыз 21, 2003, [ ''Dell makes grab for market share'']
* ''[[USA Today]]'', қаңтар 20, 2001, [ ''Dell business model turns to muscle as rivals struggle'']
* ''[[Ubuntu Forums]]'', маусым 7, 2007, [ ''Dell's with Ubuntu called Dellbuntu'']

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