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== 23 қараша 2018 кезіндегі өңдеу сұранысы (Қорғалған)=--hfcjnrf~rrhfcjnrf89.218.237.114 19:19, 2018 ж. қарашаның 23 (+06)-- 19:19, 2018 ж. қарашаның 23 (+06)= bfdgvvdffКрасотка Гульзат[жауап беру] 19:09, 2018 ж. қарашаның 23 (+06) Meteor Garden Genre: Drama, Melodrama Country: China Released: 2018 Director: Lin He Lung Top 2018 in the genre: drama - 43 place melodrama - 4 place The main character of the series, Shan Tsei, is a sweet girl who grew up in a poor family, which is why she became so modest, ordinary and kind. The heroine somehow miraculously falls into a school where the children of rich parents study. It seems that such an environment and environment will help her raise her theoretical level to a new height, but the heroine from the very first day is facing pressure from other children. Classmates behave extremely arrogant in relation to the main character, but she is not one of the weak nature of the girls. After spending most of his young years in the struggle for survival, Shan Tsei got stronger in spirit, so it’s not easy to get her out of a rut. The main character does not respond to aggression from the rich schoolchildren. She bends her own line, and the rest have to put up with such an unapproachable and strong character of the main character. It seems that from that moment on everything in her life and the lives of others can change. However, is the main character herself ready for such a change? It is clear that life is so hard, but fate throws a real gift to the girl. Who would have thought that a handsome guy from a parallel class would take it and intercede for her? It is with him that the main character will soon be associated with warm relations. It is a friendship for the time being, but who knows what such close communication will turn out for a couple of characters. From this point on, Shan Tsei’s life has changed a lot in school, but the main intrigue is still acute: how can the relationship between the main characters, who seem to breathe unevenly to each other, turn! Zhora Gulzat[жауап беру]