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Беттің басына бару
Беттің сақталған уақыты 2020-01-23
Өтініш, жаңа тақырыпты беттің астынан бастаңыз.


Request for comment on Commons: Should Wikimedia support MP4 video?[өңдеу]

I apologize for this message being only in English. Please translate it if needed to help your community.

The Wikimedia Foundation's multimedia team seeks community guidance on a proposal to support the MP4 video format. This digital video standard is used widely around the world to record, edit and watch videos on mobile phones, desktop computers and home video devices. It is also known as H.264/MPEG-4 or AVC.

Supporting the MP4 format would make it much easier for our users to view and contribute video on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects -- and video files could be offered in dual formats on our sites, so we could continue to support current open formats (WebM and Ogg Theora).

However, MP4 is a patent-encumbered format, and using a proprietary format would be a departure from our current practice of only supporting open formats on our sites -- even though the licenses appear to have acceptable legal terms, with only a small fee required.

We would appreciate your guidance on whether or not to support MP4. Our Request for Comments presents views both in favor and against MP4 support, based on opinions we’ve heard in our discussions with community and team members.

Please join this RfC -- and share your advice.

All users are welcome to participate, whether you are active on Commons, Wikipedia, other Wikimedia project -- or any site that uses content from our free media repository.

You are also welcome to join tomorrow's Office hours chat on IRC, this Thursday, January 16, at 19:00 UTC, if you would like to discuss this project with our team and other community members.

We look forward to a constructive discussion with you, so we can make a more informed decision together on this important topic. Keegan (WMF) (talk) 12:46, 2014 ж. қаңтардың 16 (ALMT)

Тыва википедиясы[өңдеу]

Құрметті әкімшілер! Жаңадан Тыва википедиясы ашылғанына 1 жыл да толмапты. Қолымыздан келгенше көмектесіп жіберелік. Бауырлас тіл, енді іргесін тігіп жатыр. Alibek2030 (талқ) 23:32, 2014 ж. ақпанның 4 (ALMT)

Ғабдулғани НМЗ ХББ 10:36, 2014 ж. ақпанның 9 (ALMT) Қалай көмектесеміз?

Universal Language Selector will be enabled by default again on this wiki by 21 February 2014[өңдеу]

On January 21 2014 the MediaWiki extension Universal Language Selector (ULS) was disabled on this wiki. A new preference was added for logged-in users to turn on ULS. This was done to prevent slow loading of pages due to ULS webfonts, a behaviour that had been observed by the Wikimedia Technical Operations team on some wikis.

We are now ready to enable ULS again. The temporary preference to enable ULS will be removed. A new checkbox has been added to the Language Panel to enable/disable font delivery. This will be unchecked by default for this wiki, but can be selected at any time by the users to enable webfonts. This is an interim solution while we improve the feature of webfonts delivery.

You can read the announcement and the development plan for more information. Apologies for writing this message only in English. Thank you. Runa

Amendment to the Terms of Use[өңдеу]

Call for project ideas: funding is available for community experiments[өңдеу]

IEG key blue.png

I apologize if this message is not in your language. Please help translate it.

Do you have an idea for a project that could improve your community? Individual Engagement Grants from the Wikimedia Foundation help support individuals and small teams to organize experiments for 6 months. You can get funding to try out your idea for online community organizing, outreach, tool-building, or research to help make Уикипедия better. In March, we’re looking for new project proposals.

Examples of past Individual Engagement Grant projects:

Proposals are due by 31 March 2014. There are a number of ways to get involved!

Hope to have your participation,

--Siko Bouterse, Head of Individual Engagement Grants, Wikimedia Foundation 01:44, 2014 ж. наурыздың 1 (ALMT)

Proposed optional changes to Terms of Use amendment[өңдеу]

Hello all, in response to some community comments in the discussion on the amendment to the Terms of Use on undisclosed paid editing, we have prepared two optional changes. Please read about these optional changes on Meta wiki and share your comments. If you can (and this is a non english project), please translate this announcement. Thanks! Slaporte (WMF) 03:56, 2014 ж. наурыздың 14 (ALMT)

Changes to the default site typography coming soon[өңдеу]

This week, the typography on Wikimedia sites will be updated for all readers and editors who use the default "Vector" skin. This change will involve new serif fonts for some headings, small tweaks to body content fonts, text size, text color, and spacing between elements. The schedule is:

  • April 1st: non-Wikipedia projects will see this change live
  • April 3rd: Wikipedias will see this change live

This change is very similar to the "Typography Update" Beta Feature that has been available on Wikimedia projects since November 2013. After several rounds of testing and with feedback from the community, this Beta Feature will be disabled and successful aspects enabled in the default site appearance. Users who are logged in may still choose to use another skin, or alter their personal CSS, if they prefer a different appearance. Local common CSS styles will also apply as normal, for issues with local styles and scripts that impact all users.

For more information:

-- Steven Walling (Product Manager) on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation's User Experience Design team

Media Viewer[өңдеу]

Greetings, my apologies for writing in English.

I wanted to let you know that Media Viewer will be released to this wiki in the coming weeks. Media Viewer allows readers of Wikimedia projects to have an enhanced view of files without having to visit the file page, but with more detail than a thumbnail. You can try Media Viewer out now by turning it on in your Beta Features. If you do not enjoy Media Viewer or if it interferes with your work after it is turned on you will be able to disable Media Viewer as well in your preferences. I invite you to share what you think about Media Viewer and how it can be made better in the future.

Thank you for your time. - Keegan (WMF) 03:29, 2014 ж. мамырдың 24 (ALMT)

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Media Viewer is now live on this wiki[өңдеу]

Media Viewer lets you see images in larger size

Greetings— and sorry for writing in English, please translate if it will help your community,

The Wikimedia Foundation's Multimedia team is happy to announce that Media Viewer was just released on this site today.

Media Viewer displays images in larger size when you click on their thumbnails, to provide a better viewing experience. Users can now view images faster and more clearly, without having to jump to separate pages — and its user interface is more intuitive, offering easy access to full-resolution images and information, with links to the file repository for editing. The tool has been tested extensively across all Wikimedia wikis over the past six months as a Beta Feature and has been released to the largest Wikipedias, all language Wikisources, and the English Wikivoyage already.

If you do not like this feature, you can easily turn it off by clicking on "Disable Media Viewer" at the bottom of the screen, pulling up the information panel (or in your your preferences) whether you have an account or not. Learn more in this Media Viewer Help page.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about Media Viewer. You are invited to share your feedback in this discussion on MediaWiki.org in any language, to help improve this feature. You are also welcome to take this quick survey in English, en français, o español.

We hope you enjoy Media Viewer. Many thanks to all the community members who helped make it possible. - Fabrice Florin (WMF) (talk) 03:54, 2014 ж. маусымның 20 (ALMT)

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Letter petitioning WMF to reverse recent decisions[өңдеу]

The Wikimedia Foundation recently created a new feature, "superprotect" status. The purpose is to prevent pages from being edited by elected administrators -- but permitting WMF staff to edit them. It has been put to use in only one case: to protect the deployment of the Media Viewer software on German Wikipedia, in defiance of a clear decision of that community to disable the feature by default, unless users decide to enable it.

If you oppose these actions, please add your name to this letter. If you know non-Wikimedians who support our vision for the free sharing of knowledge, and would like to add their names to the list, please ask them to sign an identical version of the letter on change.org.

-- JurgenNL (talk) 23:35, 2014 ж. тамыздың 21 (ALMT)

Process ideas for software development[өңдеу]

’’My apologies for writing in English.’’


I am notifying you that a brainstorming session has been started on Meta to help the Wikimedia Foundation increase and better affect community participation in software development across all wiki projects. Basically, how can you be more involved in helping to create features on Wikimedia projects? We are inviting all interested users to voice their ideas on how communities can be more involved and informed in the product development process at the Wikimedia Foundation. It would be very appreciated if you could translate this message to help inform your local communities as well.

I and the rest of my team welcome you to participate. We hope to see you on Meta.

Kind regards, -- Rdicerb (WMF) talk 04:15, 2014 ж. тамыздың 22 (ALMT)

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Grants to improve your project[өңдеу]

Apologies for English. Please help translate this message.

Greetings! The Individual Engagement Grants program is accepting proposals for funding new experiments from September 1st to 30th. Your idea could improve Wikimedia projects with a new tool or gadget, a better process to support community-building on your wiki, research on an important issue, or something else we haven't thought of yet. Whether you need or , Individual Engagement Grants can cover your own project development time in addition to hiring others to help you.

Today's articles for improvement project[өңдеу]

On the English Wikipedia, we started a project called TAFI. Each week we identify underdeveloped articles that require improvement. Our goal is to use widespread collaborative editing to improve articles to Good article, Featured article or Featured list quality over a short time frame.

This is all about improving important articles in a collaborative manner, and also inspiring readers of Wikipedia to also try editing. We think it is a very important and interesting idea that will make Wikipedia a better place to work. It has been very successful so far, and the concept has spread to the Hindi Wikipedia where it has been well received.

We wanted to know if your Wikipedia was interested in setting up its own version of TAFI. Please contact us on our talk page or here if you are interested.--Coin945 (talk) 17:48, 2 September 2014 (UTC)

Change in renaming process[өңдеу]

Part or all of this message may be in English. Please help translate if possible.

-- User:Keegan (WMF) (talk) 22:23, 2014 ж. қыркүйектің 9 (ALMT)

Meta RfCs on two new global groups[өңдеу]

Hello all,

There are currently requests for comment open on meta to create two new global groups. The first is a group for members of the OTRS permissions queue, which would grant them autopatrolled rights on all wikis except those who opt-out. That proposal can be found at m:Requests for comment/Creation of a global OTRS-permissions user group. The second is a group for Wikimedia Commons admins and OTRS agents to view deleted file pages through the 'viewdeletedfile' right on all wikis except those who opt-out. The second proposal can be found at m:Requests for comment/Global file deletion review.

We would like to hear what you think on both proposals. Both are in English; if you wanted to translate them into your native language that would also be appreciated.

It is possible for individual projects to opt-out, so that users in those groups do not have any additional rights on those projects. To do this please start a local discussion, and if there is consensus you can request to opt-out of either or both at m:Stewards' noticeboard.

Thanks and regards, Ajraddatz (talk) 00:04, 2014 ж. қазанның 27 (ALMT)

Global AbuseFilter[өңдеу]


AbuseFilter is a MediaWiki extension used to detect likely abusive behavior patterns, like pattern vandalism and spam. In 2013, Global AbuseFilters were enabled on a limited set of wikis including Meta-Wiki, MediaWiki.org, Wikispecies and (in early 2014) all the "small wikis". Recently, global abuse filters were enabled on "medium sized wikis" as well. These filters are currently managed by stewards on Meta-Wiki and have shown to be very effective in preventing mass spam attacks across Wikimedia projects. However, there is currently no policy on how the global AbuseFilters will be managed although there are proposals. There is an ongoing request for comment on policy governing the use of the global AbuseFilters. In the meantime, specific wikis can opt out of using the global AbuseFilter. These wikis can simply add a request to this list on Meta-Wiki. More details can be found on this page at Meta-Wiki. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on m:Talk:Global AbuseFilter.


PiRSquared17, Glaisher

— 23:34, 2014 ж. қарашаның 14 (ALMT)

Уикипедия туралы ақпараттық-танымдық мақала[өңдеу]

Alibek2030 әріптесіміз Уикипедия туралы ақпараттық-танымдық мақаланы codeo.kz сайтына жазыпты. Сілтемесі: http://codeo.kz/blog/wikipedia/179.html. Мақаланы өте жақсы жазған. Бұл сайтта Уикипедияға қатысты жаңа блог ашылыпты. Соған қызықты етіп жазып тұрсақ деген ұсынысым бар. --Аrysтanbek (талқылауы) 23:46, 2014 ж. қарашаның 20 (ALMT)


Барлықтарынызды 2015 жылдың 24-26 сәуірде Уфа қаласында өтетін вики-сабантойға шақырамын. Регистрация мында. Тіркелі мерзімңі 2015 жылдың 30 наурызына дейін. --Kaiyr (талқылауы) 23:19, 2014 ж. желтоқсанның 2 (ALMT)

[Global proposal] m.Уикипедия.org: (барлық) Беттерді өңдеу[өңдеу]

MediaWiki mobile

Hi, this message is to let you know that, on domains like kk.m.wikipedia.org, unregistered users cannot edit. At the Wikimedia Forum, where global configuration changes are normally discussed, a few dozens users propose to restore normal editing permissions on all mobile sites. Please read and comment!

Thanks and sorry for writing in English, Nemo 04:32, 2015 ж. наурыздың 2 (ALMT)

New Wikipedia Library Accounts Available Now (March 2015)[өңдеу]

Apologies for writing in English, please help translate this into your local language. Hello Wikimedians!

The TWL OWL says sign up today!

The Wikipedia Library is announcing signups today for, free, full-access accounts to published research as part of our Publisher Donation Program. You can sign up for new accounts and research materials from:

Many other partnerships with accounts available are listed on our partners page. Do better research and help expand the use of high quality references across Wikipedia projects: sign up today!
--The Wikipedia Library Team 03:14, 2015 ж. наурыздың 3 (ALMT)

Help us coordinate Wikipedia Library's distribution of accounts, communication of access opportunities and more! Please join our team at our new coordinator page.
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Inspire Campaign: Improving diversity, improving content[өңдеу]

This March, we’re organizing an Inspire Campaign to encourage and support new ideas for improving gender diversity on Wikimedia projects. Less than 20% of Wikimedia contributors are women, and many important topics are still missing in our content. We invite all Wikimedians to participate. If you have an idea that could help address this problem, please get involved today! The campaign runs until March 31.

All proposals are welcome - research projects, technical solutions, community organizing and outreach initiatives, or something completely new! Funding is available from the Wikimedia Foundation for projects that need financial support. Constructive, positive feedback on ideas is appreciated, and collaboration is encouraged - your skills and experience may help bring someone else’s project to life. Join us at the Inspire Campaign and help this project better represent the world’s knowledge!

(Sorry for the English - please translate this message!) MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 02:01, 2015 ж. наурыздың 5 (ALMT)

Википедия на научно-практической конференции "Традиционная культура тюркских народов: проблемы и перспективы"[өңдеу]

Конференция (facebook, официальная новость) проходит в Канаше 9-11 апреля 2015 г., оплачивается дорога и проживание утвержденных участников. Я заявился к участию от имени тюркских Википедий и членов проекта Проект:Разделы Википедии на региональных языках России, приготовил аннотацию доклада (на английском и русском, отправить необходимо до 13 марта) - буду благодарен комментариям по улучшению аннотации (до 22:00 МСК сегодня 12 марта).

Также выяснилось, что в даты мероприятия буду в командировке во Франции. Нет ли способных представить интересы тюркских Википедий на конференции? -- frhdkazan (бәхәс) 12 мар 2015, 6:01 (UTC)

SUL finalization update[өңдеу]

Hi all,apologies for writing in English, please read this page for important information and an update involving SUL finalization, scheduled to take place in one month. Thanks. Keegan (WMF) (talk) 01:45, 2015 ж. наурыздың 14 (ALMT)

Қазақ диалектілеріне байланысты кішкене зерттеу[өңдеу]

Құрметті қазақ Уикипедиясының қолданушылары, мына жерге барып, қазақ тілі мен диалектілері туралы жиырма шақты сұраққа жауап берсеңіз жақсы болар еді. -- 12:47, 2015 ж. сәуірдің 5 (ALMT)

Stewards confirmation rules[өңдеу]

Hello, I made a proposal on Meta to change the rules for the steward confirmations. Currently consensus to remove is required for a steward to lose his status, however I think it's fairer to the community if every steward needed the consensus to keep. As this is an issue that affects all WMF wikis, I'm sending this notification to let people know & be able to participate. Best regards, --MF-W 22:12, 2015 ж. сәуірдің 10 (ALMT)

Content Translation will be available from 28 April 2015[өңдеу]

Hello, Content Translation is scheduled to be enabled as a beta-feature in the Kazakh Wikipedia on 28 April, 2015. This is part of the requests for the Wikimedia CEE Spring editing event. Please do let us know your comments and feedback through the Content Translation talk page or Phabricator. You can also see a short screencast on how to use Content Translation. My apologies for writing this announcement only in English. Please feel free to translate this message for wider distribution. Thank you.--Runab WMF (талқылауы) 21:43, 2015 ж. сәуірдің 24 (ALMT)

Content Translation beta feature is now available[өңдеу]

Hello, Content Translation has now been enabled as a beta feature on the Kazakh Wikipedia. To start translating, enable the beta feature and go to Special:ContentTranslation or to your contributions page and create a new translation by selecting the source language, the article name and target language. If the article already exists then a warning will be displayed. After you translate the article, you can publish it directly as a new page on the Kazakh Wikipedia. In case the article gets created in the Kazakh Wikipedia by another user while you were translating, you will see an option to save the newly published translation under your user namespace. The number of published pages can be seen on the Content Translation stats page.

Since, this is the first time we have installed the tool on this Wikipedia, there are chances that there may be some problems or service disruptions which we are not yet aware of. We will be monitoring the usage to check for any failures or issues, but please do let us know on the Content Translation talk page or through Phabricator if you spot any problems that prevent you from using the tool. For more information, please read about how to use the tool. You can also view a short screencast on how to use Content Translation. My apologies for writing this announcement only in English. Please feel free to translate this message for wider distribution. Thank you.--Runab WMF (талқылауы) 10:51, 2015 ж. сәуірдің 30 (ALMT)

Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees elections 2015[өңдеу]

Wikimedia Foundation logo - vertical (2012-2016).svg

This is a message from the 2015 Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee. Translations are available.

Voting has begun for eligible voters in the 2015 elections for the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. Questions and discussion with the candidates for the Board will continue during the voting.

The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees is the ultimate governing authority of the Wikimedia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the United States. The Wikimedia Foundation manages many diverse projects such as Wikipedia and Commons.

The voting phase lasts from 00:00 UTC May 17 to 23:59 UTC May 31. Click here to vote. More information on the candidates and the elections can be found on the 2015 Board election page on Meta-Wiki.

On behalf of the Elections Committee,
-Gregory Varnum (User:Varnent)
Volunteer Coordinator, 2015 Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee

Posted by the MediaWiki message delivery 17:20, 17 May 2015 (UTC) • TranslateGet help


04:01, 2015 ж. маусымның 20 (ALMT)

Proposal to create PNG thumbnails of static GIF images[өңдеу]

The thumbnail of this gif is of really bad quality.
How a PNG thumb of this GIF would look like

There is a proposal at the Commons Village Pump requesting feedback about the thumbnails of static GIF images: It states that static GIF files should have their thumbnails created in PNG. The advantages of PNG over GIF would be visible especially with GIF images using an alpha channel. (compare the thumbnails on the side)

This change would affect all wikis, so if you support/oppose or want to give general feedback/concerns, please post them to the proposal page. Thank you. --McZusatz (talk) & MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 11:07, 2015 ж. шілденің 24 (ALMT)

What does a Healthy Community look like to you?[өңдеу]

Community Health Cover art News portal.png

The Community Engagement department at the Wikimedia Foundation has launched a new learning campaign. The WMF wants to record community impressions about what makes a healthy online community. Share your views and/or create a drawing and take a chance to win a Wikimania 2016 scholarship! Join the WMF as we begin a conversation about Community Health. Contribute a drawing or answer the questions on the campaign's page.

Why get involved?[өңдеу]

The world is changing. The way we relate to knowledge is transforming. As the next billion people come online, the Wikimedia movement is working to bring more users on the wiki projects. The way we interact and collaborate online are key to building sustainable projects. How accessible are Wikimedia projects to newcomers today? Are we helping each other learn?
Share your views on this matter that affects us all!
We invite everyone to take part in this learning campaign. Wikimedia Foundation will distribute one Wikimania Scholarship 2016 among those participants who are eligible.

More information[өңдеу]

Happy editing!

MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 05:42, 2015 ж. тамыздың 1 (ALMT)

Wikidata: Access to data from arbitrary items is coming[өңдеу]

(Sorry for writing in English)

When using data from Wikidata on Wikipedia and other sister projects, there is currently a limitation in place that hinders some use cases: data can only be accessed from the corresponding item. So, for example, the Wikipedia article about Berlin can only get data from the Wikidata item about Berlin but not from the item about Germany. This had technical reasons. We are now removing this limitation. It is already done for many projects. Your project is one of the next ones. We will roll out this feature here on August 12.

We invite you to play around with this new feature if you are one of the people who have been waiting for this for a long time. If you have technical issues/questions with this you can come to d:Wikidata:Contact the development team.

A note of caution: Please be careful with how many items you use for a single page. If it is too many pages, loading might get slow. We will have to see how the feature behaves in production to see where we need to tweak and how.

How to use it, once it is enabled:

Cheers Lydia Pintscher MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 23:46, 2015 ж. тамыздың 3 (ALMT)

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2015[өңдеу]

Эстонияда Шығыс және Орталық Европа елдерінің вики-кездесуі 10-13 қыркүйекте өтеді. Толығырақ: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2015 --Kaiyr (талқылауы) 18:49, 2015 ж. тамыздың 10 (ALMT)

Wikidata: Access to data from arbitrary items is here[өңдеу]

How can we improve Wikimedia grants to support you better?[өңдеу]

My apologies for posting this message in English. Please help translate it if you can.


The Wikimedia Foundation would like your feedback about how we can reimagine Wikimedia Foundation grants, to better support people and ideas in your Wikimedia project. Ways to participate:

Feedback is welcome in any language.

With thanks,

I JethroBT (WMF), m:Community Resources, Wikimedia Foundation.

(Opt-out Instructions) This message was sent by |- | style="text-align: right"|{{{нөмірі}}}   || [[User:{{{қатысушы}}}|{{{қатысушы}}}]] ( [[User talk:{{{қатысушы}}}|Талқылауы]] | [[Special:Contributions/{{{қатысушы}}}|үлесі]] ) through MediaWiki message delivery. 05:08, 2015 ж. тамыздың 19 (ALMT)

Уикипедия Ресейде бұғатталуы мүмкін[өңдеу]

Уикипедия Ресейде бұғатталуы мүмкін. Сондықтан Ресейдегі Қазақ уики қатысушыларына IP бұғаттауынан шеттетілуші мәртебесін беру қажет. Толығырақ: ru:Википедия:Форум/Новости#Решение суда о внесении Википедии в Реестр--Kaiyr (талқылауы) 19:09, 2015 ж. тамыздың 25 (ALMT)

Ресейдегі қазақ уикипедияшыдан білетінім тек Sibom. Білетіндеріңнің бәрінің құқықтарын реттеп шық. Бұл Қазақстандағы орысша Уикипедия қатысушыларына қатыссыз шығар. Аrysтanbek (талқылауы) 19:57, 2015 ж. тамыздың 25 (ALMT)
Жалпы, мемлекет тыйым салынған тақырыптарда мақалаларды бет жоқ әлеміштеуге, оларды жарнамалаудың өзі әбестік саналады. Менің білетінім, қылмыстық, эротикалық және ұлтаралық алауыздықты қоздыратын тақырыптарға аса әуес болудың қажеттілігі жоқ деген ұстанымым кейбір сайттардың басына туғандығына аса таң қалмаймын. --Қатысушы:Нұрлан Рахымжанов 20:03, 2015 ж. тамыздың 25 (ALMT)
Мен түсінгенім - «Кейбір елдерде уикипедияның орысша бөлімі бұғатталуы мүмкін» деген. Яғни, біздің бітікшілер ондай шешім қабылдамаса - біз үшін орысша уикипедия ашық.-- FaбдyлFани (талқылауы) 20:59, 2015 ж. тамыздың 25 (ALMT)

@Нұрлан Рахымжанов: ол үшін қауымдастықтың ортақ шешімі керек. Сосын жаңадан белсенді бола бастаған қатысушыға қауымдастық қабылдаған шешіммен келісетін келіспейтіндігін анықтап алу керек. Басқалай реттеудің жолы жоқ сияқты, біздің мақсатымыз Уикипедияны біреуді немесе біреулерді жамандау құралына айналдыру емес қой, ондай құралдар жетіп артылады ғой, біздің мақсатымыз ҚазУикидің ритмін бұзбай мүмкін болса дамуын жеделдету жолдарын қарастырумыз керек. --Аrysтanbek (талқылауы) 21:22, 2015 ж. тамыздың 25 (ALMT)

Бұл жерде Орысша Уикипедияны тығырыққа тіреген наркотикалық өнімдер туралы мақаланы аса дәріптеп жібергені болып тұр. Біздің елде 700-ге тарта порнографияны насихаттайтын сайттар, 7 суицидті насихаттайтын сайттар, бірнеше діни араздықты насихаттайтын сайттар жабылған болатын. Сондықтан, қанша жерден қауымдастық біз бұл тақырыпта мақала жазуға болады, оны қолдайық деп дауыс бергенімен, мемлекет өз аумағында сол бір ғана мемлекет пен оның азаматтарының өміріне қауіп төндіретін деректерді бергені, насихаттағаны үшін сол сайттың таралуын тежеуі әбден мүмкін ғой. Сондықтан мақала жазғанда солардан сақ болайық деп отырмын. Өгізге туған күн бұзауға да туар дегендей біздің де басымызға келмесін деген ой ғой меніке. Заң аясында қызмет етсек, Қазақша Уикипедияның да даму жолына еш кедергі бола қоймас. Менің де ойлағаным Уикипедия жайы. Әлде бір басқа бөтен ойым болған жоқ. Бұл ойымды күнделікті заңмен бетпе-бет келіп отырған жандар түсінер еді. --Қатысушы:Нұрлан Рахымжанов 09:02, 2015 ж. тамыздың 26 (ALMT)

Introducing the Wikimedia public policy site[өңдеу]

Hi all,

We are excited to introduce a new Wikimedia Public Policy site. The site includes resources and position statements on access, copyright, censorship, intermediary liability, and privacy. The site explains how good public policy supports the Wikimedia projects, editors, and mission.

Visit the public policy portal: https://policy.wikimedia.org/

Please help translate the statements on Meta Wiki. You can read more on the Wikimedia blog.


Yana and Stephen (Talk) 00:12, 2015 ж. қыркүйектің 3 (ALMT)

(Sent with the Global message delivery system)

Open call for Individual Engagement Grants[өңдеу]

My apologies for posting this message in English. Please help translate it if you can.

Greetings! The Individual Engagement Grants program is accepting proposals until September 29th to fund new tools, community-building processes, and other experimental ideas that enhance the work of Wikimedia volunteers. Whether you need a small or large amount of funds (up to ), Individual Engagement Grants can support you and your team’s project development time in addition to project expenses such as materials, travel, and rental space.


I JethroBT (WMF), Community Resources, Wikimedia Foundation. 02:52, 2015 ж. қыркүйектің 5 (ALMT)

(Opt-out Instructions) This message was sent by I JethroBT (WMF) (talk) through MediaWiki message delivery.

Уики-конференция Кострома 2015[өңдеу]

WMF рассматривает вопрос выдачи стипендий на Викиманию, есть ли у кого-нибудь из Казахстана желание посетить конференцию 3-4 октября в Костроме? Ответ желательно иметь завтра утром. --Kaiyr (талқылауы) 19:33, 2015 ж. қыркүйектің 7 (ALMT)

Only one week left for Individual Engagement Grant proposals![өңдеу]

(Apologies for using English below, please help translate if you are able.)

There is still one week left to submit Individual Engagement Grant (IEG) proposals before the September 29th deadline. If you have ideas for new tools, community-building processes, and other experimental projects that enhance the work of Wikimedia volunteers, start your proposal today! Please encourage others who have great ideas to apply as well. Support is available if you want help turning your idea into a grant request.

I JethroBT (WMF), Community Resources 03:01, 2015 ж. қыркүйектің 23 (ALMT)

Reimagining WMF grants report[өңдеу]

(My apologies for using English here, please help translate if you are able.)

Last month, we asked for community feedback on a proposal to change the structure of WMF grant programs. Thanks to the 200+ people who participated! A report on what we learned and changed based on this consultation is now available.

Come read about the findings and next steps as WMF’s Community Resources team begins to implement changes based on your feedback. Your questions and comments are welcome on the outcomes discussion page.

With thanks, I JethroBT (WMF) 22:56, 2015 ж. қыркүйектің 28 (ALMT)

Community Wishlist Survey[өңдеу]

Community Tech Team via MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 03:57, 2015 ж. қарашаның 10 (ALMT)

Wikimania 2016 scholarships ambassadors needed[өңдеу]

Hello! Wikimania 2016 scholarships will soon be open; by the end of the week we'll form the committee and we need your help, see Scholarship committee for details.

If you want to carefully review nearly a thousand applications in January, you might be a perfect committee member. Otherwise, you can volunteer as "ambassador": you will observe all the committee activities, ensure that people from your language or project manage to apply for a scholarship, translate scholarship applications written in your language to English and so on. Ambassadors are allowed to ask for a scholarship, unlike committee members.

Wikimania 2016 scholarships subteam 16:47, 2015 ж. қарашаның 10 (ALMT)

Harassment consultation[өңдеу]

Please help translate to your language

The Community Advocacy team the Wikimedia Foundation has opened a consultation on the topic of harassment on Meta. The consultation period is intended to run for one month from today, November 16, and end on December 17. Please share your thoughts there on harassment-related issues facing our communities and potential solutions. (Note: this consultation is not intended to evaluate specific cases of harassment, but rather to discuss the problem of harassment itself.)

Regards, Community Advocacy, Wikimedia Foundation

Your input requested on the proposed #FreeBassel banner campaign[өңдеу]

This is a message regarding the proposed 2015 Free Bassel banner. Translations are available.

Hi everyone,

This is to inform all Wikimedia contributors that a straw poll seeking your involvement has just been started on Meta-Wiki.

As some of your might be aware, a small group of Wikimedia volunteers have proposed a banner campaign informing Wikipedia readers about the urgent situation of our fellow Wikipedian, open source software developer and Creative Commons activist, Bassel Khartabil. An exemplary banner and an explanatory page have now been prepared, and translated into about half a dozen languages by volunteer translators.

We are seeking your involvement to decide if the global Wikimedia community approves starting a banner campaign asking Wikipedia readers to call on the Syrian government to release Bassel from prison. We understand that a campaign like this would be unprecedented in Wikipedia's history, which is why we're seeking the widest possible consensus among the community.

Given Bassel's urgent situation and the resulting tight schedule, we ask everyone to get involved with the poll and the discussion to the widest possible extent, and to promote it among your communities as soon as possible.

(Apologies for writing in English; please kindly translate this message into your own language.)

Thank you for your participation!

Posted by the MediaWiki message delivery 21:47, 25 November 2015 (UTC) • TranslateGet help

Community Wishlist Survey[өңдеу]

MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 20:38, 2015 ж. желтоқсанның 1 (ALMT)

Конкурс научных фотографий поддержало научное сообщество Казахстана - нужна Ваша помощь[өңдеу]

перенесено из ru:Обсуждение_участника:Kaiyr#Конкурс научных фотографий поддержало научное сообщество Казахстана - нужна Ваша помощь--Kaiyr (талқылауы) 01:23, 2015 ж. желтоқсанның 2 (ALMT)

Уважаемые участники!

От лица Викимедиа РУ обращаюсь ко всему сообществу Казахской Википедии с просьбой перевести страницы научного Конкурса на казахский язык (с программированием), а именно:

Это необходимо, чтобы все участники проекта из Казахстана загружали фотографии на английском и казахском языке. Как только эти страницы Ваш коллектив подготовит, Назарбаев Университет начнёт рассылку и публикации на научных сайтах. Мои контакты есть на commons. Пока срок окончания конкурса 15 декабря. Решение о включении Казахстана в конкурс принято европейским организатором. Спасибо. -- Niklitov 19:19, 25 ноября 2015 (UTC)

Ақтөбе қаласы[өңдеу]

Жыл мақаласында Ақтөбе қаласына дауыс берейік--Kaiyr (талқылауы) 22:35, 2015 ж. желтоқсанның 12 (ALMT)

Get involved in Wikipedia 15![өңдеу]

This is a message from the Wikimedia Foundation. Translations are available.

International-Space-Station wordmark blue.svg

As many of you know, January 15 is Wikipedia’s 15th Birthday!

People around the world are getting involved in the celebration and have started adding their events on Meta Page. While we are celebrating Wikipedia's birthday, we hope that all projects and affiliates will be able to utilize this celebration to raise awareness of our community's efforts.

Haven’t started planning? Don’t worry, there’s lots of ways to get involved. Here are some ideas:

Everything is linked on the Wikipedia 15 Meta page. You’ll find a set of ten data visualization works that you can show at your events, and a list of all the Wikipedia 15 logos that community members have already designed.

If you have any questions, please contact Zachary McCune or Joe Sutherland.

Thanks and Happy nearly Wikipedia 15!
-The Wikimedia Foundation Communications team

Posted by the MediaWiki message delivery, 02:58, 2015 ж. желтоқсанның 19 (ALMT) • Please help translate to your languageАнықтама

Happy Public Domain Day 2016![өңдеу]

Logo Public Domain Day

Feel free to translate this message in your language!

On January 1 we celebrate Public Domain Day as many works of authors who died 70+ years ago now enter the public domain and can be used freely.

Let us be aware: copyright is temporary. It only lasts during the authors lifetime and 70 years afterwards (in most countries). During those years it is limiting Wikipedia and her sister projects in showing works of art, literature, public art and buildings in countries without freedom of panorama, and more in the articles. But now a new batch is freed from copyrights!

An overview of images and texts that are restored or added to the Wikimedia Commons, are collected on: this page.

Many of these files still need a place in articles. You can help!

You can also help by uploading new files of subjects that are freed of copyrights.
You can also help by tagging all requests for deletion pages with the category when the file can be restored, which will be/was deleted.

As I follow the log of restored files this week, more images and texts will follow. If still files or texts are missing in the list, let me know or add them yourselves.

A very happy Public Domain Day! Romaine (талқылауы) 19:09, 2016 ж. қаңтардың 2 (ALMT)

  • Some of the freed files:

Wikimania 2016 Scholarships - Deadline soon![өңдеу]

Please help translate to your language

A reminder - applications for scholarships for Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario, Italy, are closing soon! Please get your applications in by January 9th. To apply, visit the page below:

Patrick Earley (WMF) via MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 07:49, 2016 ж. қаңтардың 5 (ALMT)

2016 WMF Strategy consultation[өңдеу]

Please help translate to your language

Hello, all.

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) has launched a consultation to help create and prioritize WMF strategy beginning July 2016 and for the 12 to 24 months thereafter. This consultation will be open, on Meta, from 18 January to 26 February, after which the Foundation will also use these ideas to help inform its Annual Plan. (More on our timeline can be found on that Meta page.)

Your input is welcome (and greatly desired) at the Meta discussion, 2016 Strategy/Community consultation.

Apologies for English, where this is posted on a non-English project. We thought it was more important to get the consultation translated as much as possible, and good headway has been made there in some languages. There is still much to do, however! We created m:2016 Strategy/Translations to try to help coordinate what needs translation and what progress is being made. :)

If you have questions, please reach out to me on my talk page or on the strategy consultation's talk page or by email to mdennis@wikimedia.org.

I hope you'll join us! Maggie Dennis via MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 01:06, 2016 ж. қаңтардың 19 (ALMT)

Open Call for Individual Engagement Grants[өңдеу]

IEG barnstar 2.png

Please help translate to your language:

Greetings! The Individual Engagement Grants (IEG) program is accepting proposals until April 12th to fund new tools, research, outreach efforts, and other experiments that enhance the work of Wikimedia volunteers. Whether you need a small or large amount of funds (up to $30,000 USD), IEGs can support you and your team’s project development time in addition to project expenses such as materials, travel, and rental space.

With thanks, I JethroBT (WMF) 21:47, 2016 ж. наурыздың 31 (ALMT)

Server switch 2016[өңдеу]

The Wikimedia Foundation will be testing its newest data center in Dallas. This will make sure Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia wikis can stay online even after a disaster. To make sure everything is working, the Wikimedia Technology department needs to conduct a planned test. This test will show whether they can reliably switch from one data center to the other. It requires many teams to prepare for the test and to be available to fix any unexpected problems.

They will switch all traffic to the new data center on Tuesday, 19 April.
On Thursday, 21 April, they will switch back to the primary data center.

Unfortunately, because of some limitations in MediaWiki, all editing must stop during those two switches. We apologize for this disruption, and we are working to minimize it in the future.

You will be able to read, but not edit, all wikis for a short period of time.

  • You will not be able to edit for approximately 15 to 30 minutes on Tuesday, 19 April and Thursday, 21 April, starting at 14:00 UTC (15:00 BST, 16:00 CEST, 10:00 EDT, 07:00 PDT).

If you try to edit or save during these times, you will see an error message. We hope that no edits will be lost during these minutes, but we can't guarantee it. If you see the error message, then please wait until everything is back to normal. Then you should be able to save your edit. But, we recommend that you make a copy of your changes first, just in case.

Other effects:

  • Background jobs will be slower and some may be dropped.

Red links might not be updated as quickly as normal. If you create an article that is already linked somewhere else, the link will stay red longer than usual. Some long-running scripts will have to be stopped.

  • There will be a code freeze for the week of 18 April.

No non-essential code deployments will take place.

This test was originally planned to take place on March 22. April 19th and 21st are the new dates. You can read the schedule at wikitech.wikimedia.org. They will post any changes on that schedule. There will be more notifications about this. Please share this information with your community. /User:Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 03:07, 2016 ж. сәуірдің 18 (ALMT)

Wikipedia to the Moon[өңдеу]

Hello! Sorry that this is in English only, but we are using village pump messaging in order to reach as many language communities as possible. Wrong page? Please fix it here.

This is an invitation to all Wikipedians: Wikimedia Deutschland has been given data space to include Wikipedia content in an upcoming mission to the Moon. (No joke!) We have launched a community discussion about how to do that, because we feel that this is for the global community of editors. Please, join the discussion on Meta-Wiki (and translate this invitation to your language community)! Best, Moon team at Wikimedia Deutschland 21:35, 2016 ж. сәуірдің 21 (ALMT)

CEE Meeting 2016, Armenia[өңдеу]

Аударылуы тиіс, жеке хат

I am David Saroyan the program manager of Wikimedia Armenia. As you probably know this year Armenia will host the meeting of Central and Eastern European Wikimedians. We are already started to list question and needs from different CEE communities and Wikimedia Kazakhstan's page [1] really needs your entry. We're collecting community needs to organize the CEE meeting in Armenia and to understand which community wants to participate in it.

I kindly ask you to fill in the Needs and Questions form for your community and to inform other Kazakh Wikimedians so they'd express their interest in attending by signing there.

Thank you so much. Best, David Saroyan, Wikimedia Armenia

1. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2016/Needs#Kazakhstan --Kaiyr (талқылауы) 16:39, 2016 ж. мамырдың 12 (+06)

Wikipedia to the Moon: voting has begun[өңдеу]

Hello, after six weeks of community discussion about Wikipedia to the Moon, there are now 10 different proposals for content for the mission. Starting today, you can vote for them on Meta-Wiki, and decide what we will work on: a Wikipedia canon, different lists, the Moon in 300 languages, an astronomy editathon, featured articles, articles about technology, endangered things, or DNA-related topics. You can even vote against community involvement. Voting is open until 24 June. Sorry that this message is again in English only, but we are using village pumps to reach as many communities as possible, so that everyone knows they can vote. Best, Moon team at Wikimedia Deutschland 21:31, 2016 ж. маусымның 10 (+06)

Wikipedia to the Moon: invitation to edit[өңдеу]

Three weeks ago, you were invited to vote on how to take Wikipedia articles to the Moon. Community voting is over and the winning idea is to send all ‘’featured articles and lists’’ to the Moon. This decision means that, starting today, Wikipedians from all language communities are warmly invited to intensively work on their best articles and lists, and submit them to Wikipedia to the Moon. The central site to coordinate between communities will be Meta-Wiki. You will find an overview and more information there. Hopefully, we will be able to represent as many languages as possible, to show Wikipedia’s diversity. Please feel kindly invited to edit on behalf of your community and tell us about your work on featured content!

Best, Moon team at Wikimedia Deutschland 20:10, 2016 ж. шілденің 1 (+06)

Compact Links coming soon to this wiki[өңдеу]

Please help translate to your language

Screenshot of Compact Language Links interlanguage list

Hello, I wanted to give a heads up about an upcoming feature for this wiki which you may seen already in the Tech News. Compact Language Links has been available as a beta-feature on all Wikimedia wikis since 2014. With compact language links enabled, users are shown a much shorter list of languages on the interlanguage link section of an article (see image). This will be enabled as a feature in the coming week for all users, which can be turned on or off using a preference setting. We look forward to your feedback and please do let us know if you have any questions. Details about Compact Language Links can be read in the project documentation.

Due to the large scale enablement of this feature, we have had to use MassMessage for this announcement and as a result it is only written in English. We will really appreciate if this message can be translated for other users of this wiki. The main announcement can also be translated on this page. Thank you. On behalf of the Wikimedia Language team: Runa Bhattacharjee (WMF) (talk)--17:46, 2016 ж. шілденің 8 (+06)

Compact Language Links enabled in this wiki today[өңдеу]

Please help translate to your language

Screenshot of Compact Language Links interlanguage list

Compact Language Links has been available as a beta-feature on all Wikimedia wikis since 2014. With compact language links enabled, users are shown a much shorter list of languages on the interlanguage link section of an article (see image). Based on several factors, this shorter list of languages is expected to be more relevant for them and valuable for finding similar content in a language known to them. More information about compact language links can be found in the documentation.

From today onwards, compact language links has been enabled as the default listing of interlanguage links on this wiki. However, using the button at the bottom, you will be able to see a longer list of all the languages the article has been written in. The setting for this compact list can be changed by using the checkbox under User Preferences -> Appearance -> Languages

The compact language links feature has been tested extensively by the Wikimedia Language team, which developed it. However, in case there are any problems or other feedback please let us know on the project talk page. It is to be noted that on some wikis the presence of an existing older gadget that was used for a similar purpose may cause an interference for compact language list. We would like to bring this to the attention of the admins of this wiki. Full details are on this phabricator ticket (in English).

Due to the large scale enablement of this feature, we have had to use MassMessage for this announcement and as a result it is only written in English. We will really appreciate if this message can be translated for other users of this wiki. Thank you. On behalf of the Wikimedia Language team: Runa Bhattacharjee (WMF) (talk)-08:26, 2016 ж. шілденің 15 (+06)


Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 00:02, 2016 ж. тамыздың 10 (+06)


Birgit Müller (WMDE) 21:08, 2016 ж. қыркүйектің 12 (+06)

Grants to improve your project[өңдеу]

Please help translate to your language:

Greetings! The Project Grants program is currently accepting proposals for funding. There is just over a week left to submit before the October 11 deadline. If you have ideas for software, offline outreach, research, online community organizing, or other projects that enhance the work of Wikimedia volunteers, start your proposal today! Please encourage others who have great ideas to apply as well. Support is available if you want help turning your idea into a grant request.

I JethroBT (WMF) (talk) 02:10, 2016 ж. қазанның 1 (+06)

Creative Commons 4.0[өңдеу]

Hello! I'm writing from the Wikimedia Foundation to invite you to give your feedback on a proposed move from CC BY-SA 3.0 to a CC BY-SA 4.0 license across all Wikimedia projects. The consultation will run from October 5 to November 8, and we hope to receive a wide range of viewpoints and opinions. Please, if you are interested, take part in the discussion on Meta-Wiki.

Apologies that this message is only in English. This message can be read and translated in more languages here. Joe Sutherland (talk) 07:34, 2016 ж. қазанның 6 (+06)

Password reset[өңдеу]

I apologise that this message is in English. ⧼Centralnotice-shared-help-translate⧽

We are having a problem with attackers taking over wiki accounts with privileged user rights (for example, admins, bureaucrats, oversighters, checkusers). It appears that this may be because of weak or reused passwords.

Community members are working along with members of multiple teams at the Wikimedia Foundation to address this issue.

In the meantime, we ask that everyone takes a look at the passwords they have chosen for their wiki accounts. If you know that you've chosen a weak password, or if you've chosen a password that you are using somewhere else, please change those passwords.

Select strong passwords – eight or more characters long, and containing letters, numbers, and punctuation. Joe Sutherland (Талқылауы) / MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 05:59, 2016 ж. қарашаның 14 (+06)

Adding to the above section (Password reset)[өңдеу]

Please accept my apologies - that first line should read "Help with translations!". Joe Sutherland (WMF) (talk) / MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 06:11, 2016 ж. қарашаның 14 (+06)

New way to edit wikitext[өңдеу]

James Forrester (Product Manager, Editing department, Wikimedia Foundation) --01:31, 2016 ж. желтоқсанның 15 (+06)

Review of initial updates on Wikimedia movement strategy process[өңдеу]

Note: Apologies for cross-posting and sending in English. Message is available for translation on Meta-Wiki.

The Wikimedia movement is beginning a movement-wide strategy discussion, a process which will run throughout 2017. For 15 years, Wikimedians have worked together to build the largest free knowledge resource in human history. During this time, we've grown from a small group of editors to a diverse network of editors, developers, affiliates, readers, donors, and partners. Today, we are more than a group of websites. We are a movement rooted in values and a powerful vision: all knowledge for all people. As a movement, we have an opportunity to decide where we go from here.

This movement strategy discussion will focus on the future of our movement: where we want to go together, and what we want to achieve. We hope to design an inclusive process that makes space for everyone: editors, community leaders, affiliates, developers, readers, donors, technology platforms, institutional partners, and people we have yet to reach. There will be multiple ways to participate including on-wiki, in private spaces, and in-person meetings. You are warmly invited to join and make your voice heard.

The immediate goal is to have a strategic direction by Wikimania 2017 to help frame a discussion on how we work together toward that strategic direction.

Regular updates are being sent to the Wikimedia-l mailing list, and posted on Meta-Wiki. Beginning with this message, monthly reviews of these updates will be sent to this page as well. Sign up to receive future announcements and monthly highlights of strategy updates on your user talk page.

Here is a review of the updates that have been sent so far:

More information about the movement strategy is available on the Meta-Wiki 2017 Wikimedia movement strategy portal.

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Overview #2 of updates on Wikimedia movement strategy process[өңдеу]

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As we mentioned last month, the Wikimedia movement is beginning a movement-wide strategy discussion, a process which will run throughout 2017. This movement strategy discussion will focus on the future of our movement: where we want to go together, and what we want to achieve.

Regular updates are being sent to the Wikimedia-l mailing list, and posted on Meta-Wiki. Each month, we are sending overviews of these updates to this page as well. Sign up to receive future announcements and monthly highlights of strategy updates on your user talk page.

Here is a overview of the updates that have been sent since our message last month:

More information about the movement strategy is available on the Meta-Wiki 2017 Wikimedia movement strategy portal.

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Start of the 2017 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees elections[өңдеу]

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Wikimedia-logo black.svg

On behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee, I am pleased to announce that self-nominations are being accepted for the 2017 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Elections.

The Board of Trustees (Board) is the decision-making body that is ultimately responsible for the long-term sustainability of the Wikimedia Foundation, so we value wide input into its selection. More information about this role can be found on Meta-Wiki. Please read the letter from the Board of Trustees calling for candidates.

The candidacy submission phase will last from April 7 (00:00 UTC) to April 20 (23:59 UTC).

We will also be accepting questions to ask the candidates from April 7 to April 20. You can submit your questions on Meta-Wiki.

Once the questions submission period has ended on April 20, the Elections Committee will then collate the questions for the candidates to respond to beginning on April 21.

The goal of this process is to fill the three community-selected seats on the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. The election results will be used by the Board itself to select its new members.

The full schedule for the Board elections is as follows. All dates are inclusive, that is, from the beginning of the first day (UTC) to the end of the last.

  • April 7 (00:00 UTC) – April 20 (23:59 UTC) – Board nominations
  • April 7 – April 20 – Board candidates questions submission period
  • April 21 – April 30 – Board candidates answer questions
  • May 1 – May 14 – Board voting period
  • May 15–19 – Board vote checking
  • May 20 – Board result announcement goal

In addition to the Board elections, we will also soon be holding elections for the following roles:

  • Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC)
    • There are five positions being filled. More information about this election will be available on Meta-Wiki.
  • Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsperson (Ombuds)
    • One position is being filled. More information about this election will be available on Meta-Wiki.

Please note that this year the Board of Trustees elections will be held before the FDC and Ombuds elections. Candidates who are not elected to the Board are explicitly permitted and encouraged to submit themselves as candidates to the FDC or Ombuds positions after the results of the Board elections are announced.

More information on this year's elections can be found on Meta-Wiki. Any questions related to the election can be posted on the election talk page on Meta-Wiki, or sent to the election committee's mailing list, board-elections(at)wikimedia.org.

On behalf of the Election Committee,
Katie Chan, Chair, Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee
Joe Sutherland, Community Advocate, Wikimedia Foundation

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Read-only mode for 20 to 30 minutes on 19 April and 3 May[өңдеу]

MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 23:33, 2017 ж. сәуірдің 11 (+06)

Wikidata description editing in the Wikipedia Android app[өңдеу]

Wikidata description editing is a new experiment being rolled out on the Wikipedia app for Android. While this primarily impacts Wikidata, the changes are also addressing a concern about the mobile versions of Wikipedia, so that mobile users will be able to edit directly the descriptions shown under the title of the page and in the search results.

We began by rolling out this feature several weeks ago to a pilot group of Wikipedias (Russian, Hebrew, and Catalan), and have seen very positive results including numerous quality contributions in the form of new and updated descriptions, and a low rate of vandalism.

We are now ready for the next phase of rolling out this feature, which is to enable it in a few days for all Wikipedias except the top ten by usage within the app (i.e. except English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, and Chinese). We will enable the feature for those languages instead at some point in the future, as we closely monitor user engagement with our expanded set of pilot communities. As always, if have any concerns, please reach out to us on wiki at the talk page for this project or by email at reading@wikimedia.org. Thanks!

-DBrant (WMF) 14:41, 2017 ж. сәуірдің 14 (+06)

New Page previews feature[өңдеу]

Жоба:Уики-көктем 2017[өңдеу]

Уики көктем конкурсына қатысуға және мына бетте пікірлеріңізді қалдыруға шақырамын: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScbtsrqeKyQjmHOyscPK5WPeejizkILp2bgysP7nT_SPZKXXA/viewform?usp=sf_link --Kaiyr (талқылауы) 16:22, 2017 ж. сәуірдің 24 (+06)

Voting has begun in 2017 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees elections[өңдеу]

01:14, 2017 ж. мамырдың 4 (+06)


Birgit Müller (WMDE) 20:44, 2017 ж. мамырдың 16 (+06)

Start of the 2017 Wikimedia Foundation Funds Dissemination Committee elections[өңдеу]

03:05, 2017 ж. мамырдың 24 (+06)

Accessible editing buttons[өңдеу]

Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 04:22, 2017 ж. шілденің 11 (+06)

Page Previews (Hovercards) update[өңдеу]

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 04:32, 2017 ж. шілденің 21 (+06)

RfC regarding "Interlinking of accounts involved with paid editing to decrease impersonation"[өңдеу]

There is currently a RfC open on Meta regarding "requiring those involved with paid editing on Wikipedia to link on their user page to all other active accounts through which they advertise paid Wikipedia editing business."

Note this is to apply to Wikipedia and not necessarily other sister projects, this is only to apply to websites where people are specifically advertising that they will edit Wikipedia for pay and not any other personal, professional, or social media accounts a person may have.

Please comment on meta. Thanks. Send on behalf of User:Doc James.

MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 03:06, 2017 ж. қыркүйектің 18 (+06)

Discussion on synced reading lists[өңдеу]

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 02:35, 2017 ж. қыркүйектің 21 (+06)

New print to pdf feature for mobile web readers[өңдеу]

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 04:07, 2017 ж. қарашаның 21 (+06)

Call for Wikimania 2018 Scholarships[өңдеу]

Hi all,

We wanted to inform you that scholarship applications for Wikimania 2018 which is being held in Cape Town, South Africa on July 18–22, 2018 are now being accepted. Applications are open until Monday, 22 January 2018 23:59 UTC.

Applicants will be able to apply for a partial or full scholarship. A full scholarship will cover the cost of an individual's round-trip travel, shared accommodation, and conference registration fees as arranged by the Wikimedia Foundation. A partial scholarship will cover conference registration fees and shared accommodation. Applicants will be rated using a pre-determined selection process and selection criteria established by the Scholarship Committee and the Wikimedia Foundation, who will determine which applications are successful. To learn more about Wikimania 2018 scholarships, please visit: wm2018:Scholarships.

To apply for a scholarship, fill out the multi-language application form on: https://scholarships.wikimedia.org/apply

It is highly recommended that applicants review all the material on the Scholarships page and the associated FAQ before submitting an application. If you have any questions, please contact: wikimania-scholarships at wikimedia.org or leave a message at: wm2018:Talk:Scholarships. Please help us spread the word and translate pages!

Best regards, David Richfield and Martin Rulsch for the Scholarship Committee 01:24, 2017 ж. желтоқсанның 21 (+06)

User group for Military Historians[өңдеу]


"Military history" is one of the most important subjects when speak of sum of all human knowledge. To support contributors interested in the area over various language Wikipedias, we intend to form a user group. It also provides a platform to share the best practices between military historians, and various military related projects on Wikipedias. An initial discussion was has been done between the coordinators and members of WikiProject Military History on English Wikipedia. Now this discussion has been taken to Meta-Wiki. Contributors intrested in the area of military history are requested to share their feedback and give suggestions at Talk:Discussion to incubate a user group for Wikipedia Military Historians.

MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 16:46, 2017 ж. желтоқсанның 21 (+06)

Жоба:Уики-көктем 2018[өңдеу]

Барлықтарыңызды Уики Көктемге қатысуға шақырамын!--Kaiyr (талқылауы) 16:10, 2018 ж. сәуірдің 30 (+06)


Назар аударыңыздар. Қазақша атауларын табу қажет. Бірінші орыс викиге құйғансоң қазақшаға автоматты түрде ауустыруға болатын шығар. Қазір онда координаттар мен ауданың анықтау жұмыс болып тұр. Егер орыс викиде құюды тез жасаса қазақшаға да құю оңай болады.: Қатысушы_талқылауы:Kasymov#ru:Проект:Водные_объекты#Заливка_Озёра_Казахстана--Kaiyr (талқылауы) 23:17, 2018 ж. мамырдың 6 (+06)


Birgit Müller (WMDE) 20:53, 2018 ж. мамырдың 7 (+06)

Global preferences are available[өңдеу]

01:19, 2018 ж. шілденің 11 (+06)

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018[өңдеу]

Львовта (Украина) 2018 жылдың 13-15 қазанда өтетін Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018 екі делегат қатыса алады. Конференция ағылшын тілінде болады. Өзімді ұсынамын. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2018/Participants --Kaiyr (талқылауы) 17:07, 2018 ж. шілденің 23 (+06)


  • (+) Қолдаймын Жоғарыда Қайыр айтқан Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018 шарасына мен де өзімді ұсынғым келіп тұр. --Batyrbek (талқылауы) 19:52, 2018 ж. тамыздың 2 (+06)
  • (+) Қолдаймын.--Kaiyr (талқылауы) 12:24, 2018 ж. тамыздың 3 (+06)
  • (+) Қолдаймын --Нұрлан Рахымжанов 22:13, 2018 ж. тамыздың 3 (+06)
  • (+) Қолдаймын --Kasymov Т 12:43, 2018 ж. тамыздың 7 (+06)

New user group for editing sitewide CSS/JS[өңдеу]

Editing of sitewide CSS/JS is only possible for interface administrators from now[өңдеу]

(Please help translate to your language)

Hi all,

as announced previously, permission handling for CSS/JS pages has changed: only members of the interface-admin (Interface administrators) group, and a few highly privileged global groups such as stewards, can edit CSS/JS pages that they do not own (that is, any page ending with .css or .js that is either in the MediaWiki: namespace or is another user's user subpage). This is done to improve the security of readers and editors of Wikimedia projects. More information is available at Creation of separate user group for editing sitewide CSS/JS. If you encounter any unexpected problems, please contact me or file a bug.

Tgr (talk) 18:39, 2018 ж. тамыздың 27 (+06) (via global message delivery)

Read-only mode for up to an hour on 12 September and 10 October[өңдеу]

19:33, 2018 ж. қыркүйектің 6 (+06)

The GFDL license on Commons[өңдеу]

00:11, 2018 ж. қыркүйектің 21 (+06)

The Community Wishlist Survey[өңдеу]

17:06, 2018 ж. қазанның 30 (+06)

Change coming to how certain templates will appear on the mobile web[өңдеу]

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 01:34, 2018 ж. қарашаның 14 (+06)

Community Wishlist Survey vote[өңдеу]

00:13, 2018 ж. қарашаның 23 (+06)

Advanced Search[өңдеу]

Johanna Strodt (WMDE) (talk) 17:02, 2018 ж. қарашаның 26 (+06)

New Wikimedia password policy and requirements[өңдеу]

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 02:03, 2018 ж. желтоқсанның 7 (+06)

Invitation from Wiki Loves Love 2019[өңдеу]

Please help translate to your language

WLL Subtitled Logo (transparent).svg

Love is an important subject for humanity and it is expressed in different cultures and regions in different ways across the world through different gestures, ceremonies, festivals and to document expression of this rich and beautiful emotion, we need your help so we can share and spread the depth of cultures that each region has, the best of how people of that region, celebrate love.

Wiki Loves Love (WLL) is an international photography competition of Wikimedia Commons with the subject love testimonials happening in the month of February.

The primary goal of the competition is to document love testimonials through human cultural diversity such as monuments, ceremonies, snapshot of tender gesture, and miscellaneous objects used as symbol of love; to illustrate articles in the worldwide free encyclopedia Wikipedia, and other Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) projects.

The theme of 2019 iteration is Celebrations, Festivals, Ceremonies and rituals of love.

Sign up your affiliate or individually at Participants page.

To know more about the contest, check out our Commons Page and FAQs

There are several prizes to grab. Hope to see you spreading love this February with Wiki Loves Love!

Kind regards,

Wiki Loves Love Team

Imagine... the sum of all love!

--MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 16:12, 2018 ж. желтоқсанның 27 (+06)

FileExporter beta feature[өңдеу]

Johanna Strodt (WMDE) 15:41, 2019 ж. қаңтардың 14 (+06)

No editing for 30 minutes on 17 January[өңдеу]

You will not be able to edit the wikis for up to 30 minutes on 17 January 07:00 UTC. This is because of a database problem that has to be fixed immediately. You can still read the wikis. Some wikis are not affected. They don't get this message. You can see which wikis are not affected on this page. Most wikis are affected. The time you can not edit might be shorter than 30 minutes. /Johan (WMF)

MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 00:44, 2019 ж. қаңтардың 17 (+06)

Talk to us about talking[өңдеу]

Trizek (WMF) 21:01, 2019 ж. ақпанның 21 (+06)

Жоба:Уики-көктем 2019[өңдеу]

2019 жылдың 21 наурызынан 31 мамырға дейін Уики-көктем 2019 конкурсы өтеді. Ең көп сапалы мақалалар жазған қатысушыларға жүлделер бар. Барлықтарыңызды қатысуға шақырамын. Ережелері жоба бетінде.--Kaiyr (талқылауы) 09:40, 2019 ж. наурыздың 27 (+06)

Уикибасы сайлауы[өңдеу]

Құрметті қазақ уикипедшілер, сіздерді Уикибасы сайлауына шақырамын. Мерекелеріңізбен! --Kaiyr (талқылауы) 10:37, 2019 ж. сәуірдің 1 (+06)

Read-only mode for up to 30 minutes on 11 April[өңдеу]

16:56, 2019 ж. сәуірдің 8 (+06)

Wikimedia Foundation Medium-Term Plan feedback request[өңдеу]

Please help translate to your language

The Wikimedia Foundation has published a Medium-Term Plan proposal covering the next 3–5 years. We want your feedback! Please leave all comments and questions, in any language, on the talk page, by April 20. Рақмет! Quiddity (WMF) (talk) 23:35, 2019 ж. сәуірдің 12 (+06)

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2019[өңдеу]

Белградта (Сербия) 2019 жылдың 11-13 қазанда өтетін Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2019 екі делегат қатыса алады. Конференция ағылшын тілінде болады. Өзімді ұсынамын. Сол конференцияға арнайы конкурс-жоба құрғанмын, бірақ ешкім қатыспады. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2019/Participants --Kaiyr (талқылауы) 15:19, 2019 ж. шілденің 16 (+06)

Екінші делегат болуға мен де өзімді ұсынғым келеді. Осы жылға онлайнмен қатар оффлайн жобаларға ат салысқам, ат салысам деген жоспар бар. Мысалы, қазақ уикипедияшыларының басын қосатын user group немесе шамамен Kazakh Wikimedia (Wikimedia Kazakhstan) деген атаумен бөлімше құру. Сондай-ақ НЗМ мектептері оқушыларымен кездесу (Атыраудағы мектепке бірнеше рет барып, балалармен жұмыс жасағам). Осының бәрін дұрыстап соңына жеткізіп, Сербияда болатын конференцияда өз тәжірибеммен бөлісіп, басқа да елдер өкілдерінен олардың тәжірибесін алып келетін ниетім бар. Егер соған лайықтымын деп ойласаңыздар, дауыс беруіңізді сұраймын. Рахмет!--Batyrbek (талқылауы) 19:04, 2019 ж. шілденің 16 (+06)

Қай жерге дауыс береміз? --Аrysтanbek (талқылауы) 13:17, 2019 ж. шілденің 17 (+06)

Осында. :) --Batyrbek (талқылауы) 14:57, 2019 ж. шілденің 17 (+06)
  • Kaiyr
  1. (+) Қолдаймын--Batyrbek (талқылауы) 12:07, 2019 ж. шілденің 18 (+06)
  2. (+) Қолдаймын-- Fани (талқылауы) 16:34, 2019 ж. шілденің 29 (+06) Бәсе, Неге Қайрекең белсенді боп кетті десем :)-- Fани (талқылауы) 12:15, 2019 ж. шілденің 30 (+06)
  3. (+) Қолдаймын--Liquorkaru (талқылауы) 16:40, 2019 ж. қыркүйектің 03 (+05)
  4. (+) Қолдаймын --Kasymov Т 18:17, 2019 ж. қыркүйектің 4 (+06)
    • Сайлау науқанындағы депутаттардан үйрендік қой--Kaiyr (талқылауы) 14:19, 2019 ж. қыркүйектің 2 (+06)
  • Batyrbek.kz
  1. (+) Қолдаймын --Аrysтanbek (талқылауы) 17:00, 2019 ж. шілденің 17 (+06)
  2. (+) Қолдаймын --Нұрлан Рахымжанов 20:06, 2019 ж. шілденің 17 (+06)
  3. (+) Қолдаймын --Қатысушы талқылауы:Салиха--Салиха 22:34, 2019 ж. шілденің 17 (+06)
  4. (+) Қолдаймын, сәттілік! --Мұхамеджан А.А. (талқылау) 15:18, 2019 ж. шілденің 18 (+06)
  5. (+) Қолдаймын, Sattilik! AlibekKS (талқылауы) 12:55, 2019 ж. шілденің 19 (+06)
  6. (+) Қолдаймын --Kasymov Т 00:07, 2019 ж. шілденің 22 (+06)
  7. (+) Қолдаймын--Sibom (талқылауы) 17:43, 2019 ж. шілденің 25 (+06)
  8. (+) Қолдаймын-- Fани (талқылауы) 16:33, 2019 ж. шілденің 29 (+06)
Құрметті уикилес достар! Өкінішке орай осы жылы мен бара алмайтын болып қалдым CEE конференциясына. Жұмыста шаруалар шығып қалды :( Сол себепті менің орныма басқа барғысы келетін адам болса, тез арада өз үміткерлігін ұсынып, дауыс жинасын.--Batyrbek (талқылауы) 11:44, 2019 ж. тамыздың 22 (+06)

New tools and IP masking[өңдеу]

20:18, 2019 ж. тамыздың 21 (+06)

The consultation on partial and temporary Foundation bans just started[өңдеу]

-- Kbrown (WMF) 23:14, 2019 ж. қыркүйектің 30 (+06)

Feedback wanted on Desktop Improvements project[өңдеу]

13:18, 2019 ж. қазанның 16 (+06)

Beta feature "Reference Previews"[өңдеу]

-- Johanna Strodt (WMDE) 15:47, 2019 ж. қазанның 23 (+06)

Wikipedia Asian Month 2019[өңдеу]

Please help translate to your language

WAM logo without text.svg

Wikipedia Asian Month is back! We wish you all the best of luck for the contest. The basic guidelines of the contest can be found on your local page of Wikipedia Asian Month. For more information, refer to our Meta page for organizers.

Looking forward to meet the next ambassadors for Wikipedia Asian Month 2019!

For additional support for organizing offline event, contact our international team on wiki or on email. We would appreciate the translation of this message in the local language by volunteer translators. Thank you!

Wikipedia Asian Month International Team.

MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 22:57, 2019 ж. қазанның 31 (+06)

Extension of Wikipedia Asian Month contest[өңдеу]

In consideration of a week-long internet block in Iran, Wikipedia Asian Month 2019 contest has been extended for a week past November. The articles submitted till 7th December 2019, 23:59 UTC will be accepted by the fountain tools of the participating wikis.

Please help us translate and spread this message in your local language.

Wikipedia Asian Month International Team

--MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 20:16, 2019 ж. қарашаның 27 (+06)

Wiki Loves Folklore[өңдеу]

WLL Subtitled Logo (transparent).svg

Hello Folks,

Wiki Loves Love is back again in 2020 iteration as Wiki Loves Folklore from 1 February, 2020 - 29 February, 2020. Join us to celebrate the local cultural heritage of your region with the theme of folklore in the international photography contest at Wikimedia Commons. Images, videos and audios representing different forms of folk cultures and new forms of heritage that haven’t otherwise been documented so far are welcome submissions in Wiki Loves Folklore. Learn more about the contest at Meta-Wiki and Commons.

Kind regards,
Wiki Loves Folklore International Team
— Tulsi Bhagat (contribs | talk)
sent using MediaWiki message delivery (талқылауы) 12:14, 2020 ж. қаңтардың 18 (+06)

Movement Learning and Leadership Development Project[өңдеу]


The Wikimedia Foundation’s Community Development team is seeking to learn more about the way volunteers learn and develop into the many different roles that exist in the movement. Our goal is to build a movement informed framework that provides shared clarity and outlines accessible pathways on how to grow and develop skills within the movement. To this end, we are looking to speak with you, our community to learn about your journey as a Wikimedia volunteer. Whether you joined yesterday or have been here from the very start, we want to hear about the many ways volunteers join and contribute to our movement.

To learn more about the project, please visit the Meta page. If you are interested in participating in the project, please complete this simple Google form. Although we may not be able to speak to everyone who expresses interest, we encourage you to complete this short form if you are interested in participating!

-- LMiranda (WMF) (talk) 01:01, 2020 ж. қаңтардың 23 (+06)