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Facebook on Facebook

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Тағы қараңыз: Wikipedia:External links/Perennial websites

The first parameter for the {{Facebook}} template is the name of the Facebook account. This can be found in the page's URL. For example: if the URL is http(s)://www.facebook.com/example, then the account name is example. The second parameter is the description or display name.


In this example, the Facebook user account is markzuckerberg and the description in the link is Mark Zuckerberg:

 {{Facebook|markzuckerberg|Mark Zuckerberg}}

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

In this example, there's an ID instead of user name:

 {{Facebook|id=markzuckerberg/68310606562|name=Mark Zuckerberg}}

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

Links to specific sections on a Facebook page may include the '=' symbol in the URL. For example, the string '?v=wall' would indicate the "Wall" section. Because '=' is a special character in Wikipedia template syntax, it cannot be used directly in the id. If you want the link to arrive at a specific section, use Template:= instead. For example, to link to the "Notes" section:

 {{Facebook|id=markzuckerberg/68310606562?v{{=}}notes|name=Mark Zuckerberg}}

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

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