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This image has no source information. Source information must be provided so that the авторлық құқық status can be verified by others. Unless the copyright status is provided and a source is given, the image should be deleted seven days after or 48 hours after the uploader is notified if the image is copyrighted under a тегін лицензиялылар via Заң игерушілік.

Please remove this template if source information is provided.

Use {{subst:nsd}} to categorize by tag date. Also, notify the uploader with
{{subst:Суреттің қайнары|Image:Unverified}} ~~~~
Also consider adding {{speedy-image-c|[[2024-04-13]]}} to the image captions.

Ортаққорда бұған қатысты медиа файлдар бар: Template:No source