NASA World Wind

Уикипедия — ашық энциклопедиясынан алынған мәлімет
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NASA World Wind
Screenshot of World Wind showing Blue Marble Next Generation layer
Developer(s) NASA Ames Research Center
Initial release 2004
Written in C#, Java
Operating system Cross platform
Available in English
Type Virtual globe
License NASA Open Source Agreement v1.3
Animation showing atmosphere and shading effects in v1.4
USGS Urban Ortho-Imagery of Huntington Beach, California in older version of World Wind (1.2)
Rapid Fire MODIS - Hurricane Katrina
A cyclone moving across the Indian Ocean (on normal cloud cover - not Rapid Fire MODIS).
Moon - Hypsometric Map layer
Mars (THEMIS layer) - Olympus Mons
Hurricane Dean in NASA World Wind
Washington DC, Wikipedia point layer - icons link to Wikipedia articles

World Wind - NASA мекемесі дамытқан ашық кодты (NOSA лицензиясы) виртуалды жаһан (virtual globe) коммунасы.

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