Мәлик ибн Әнәс — нұсқалар арасындағы айырмашылық

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Имам Мәлик Хижраның 86 жылы [[МединаМедине]] қаласында дүниеден өтті
in 795 and is buried in the famous [[Jannat ul-Baqi]] cemetery across from the [[Masjid al Nabawi]]. Malik's last words were related by one Isma'il Ibn Abi Uways who said, "Malik became sick, so I asked some of our people about what he said at the time of his death. They said, `He recited the [[shahadah]] (testification of faith), then he recited:<blockquote>Their affair is for Allah, before and after.<ref>Quran 30:4</ref></blockquote>
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